Dear friend,

these are some of my personal favorite places in Berlin, also check out Tyler’s guide to Berlin ❤️

  • Places
  • Fast Food, but great
  • Restaurants
    • Nice Thai place: Google Maps
    • Chinese spicy noodles, might have a queue though especially on weekends: Wen Cheng Noodles (better chances at WEN CHENG II location)
    • Cheap and hip and juicy tasty Indonesian place: Mabuhay
    • Vietland: Google Maps
  • Cafés
    • Cozy living room atmosphere, sometimes live music: Google Maps
    • Bookstore meets Café: Google Maps
    • Community café with movement/food/workshops: Google Maps
    • La Femme, 030 46063979. Frühstück. gutes somit (sesamringe). Am Sonntag [[Berlin]]
    • Great bakery with such friendly staff: Google Maps
  • Events